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Muscle Recovery Support

Muscle Recovery Support

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Introducing our rejuvenating Muscle Recovery Support Herbal Tea, carefully crafted with a powerful blend of organic ingredients to help you bounce back and revitalize after an intense workout.

At the heart of this revitalizing blend is organic yerba mate'. Known for its energizing properties, it provides a natural boost to help you recover and replenish your body.

We've added organic ginger powder, renowned for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Ginger aids in reducing muscle soreness and promoting faster recovery, allowing you to get back to your active lifestyle in no time.

To further enhance the recovery process, we've included organic bilberry leaf. Packed with antioxidants, bilberry leaf supports muscle repair and helps reduce oxidative stress, keeping your body in optimal condition.

The delicate flavors of organic vanilla rooibos contribute a smooth and soothing element to this herbal tea. With its naturally sweet and comforting profile, it adds a touch of luxury to your post-workout routine.

Organic turmeric powder, known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, joins the blend. It aids in reducing muscle inflammation and promotes overall joint health, ensuring you feel your best as you recover.

We've incorporated organic peppercorn as well, as it enhances the bioavailability of turmeric, allowing your body to fully absorb its beneficial compounds for maximum impact.

A touch of organic Ceylon cinnamon adds warmth and a subtle sweetness to the herbal tea, enhancing the overall flavor and providing additional anti-inflammatory benefits.

For a calming effect, we've included organic chamomile. This gentle herb soothes both the body and the mind, helping you relax and unwind after an intense workout.

Lastly, organic orange peel brings a refreshing twist to the blend, infusing it with a bright citrus note and adding a boost of Vitamin C to support your immune system.

With our Muscle Recovery Support Herbal Tea, you can enjoy a delicious and effective way to support your body's recovery process. Sip this invigorating blend and let its carefully chosen ingredients aid in your muscle recovery, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle your next challenge.


Ingredients: Organic yerba mate', organic ginger powder, organic bilberry leaf, organic vanilla rooibos, organic turmeric powder, organic peppercorn, organic ceylon cinnamon, organic chamomile, organic orange peel.

Brew Instructions: Fill 1 TBSP in a cloth tea bag or mesh basket or infuser | Place in a mug | Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over the tea & allow it to steep for 5-10 minutes or until desired strength is reached. You will want to experiment with quantity and steep time to achieve your desired maximum potency.

Makes approx. 10 cups

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