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Better Sleep

Better Sleep

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Introducing our Better Sleep Tea, a soothing blend of organic ingredients carefully selected to help you unwind and promote a restful night's sleep. With a harmonious combination of calming herbs and comforting flavors, each sip of this exquisite tea is a step towards a peaceful slumber.

Here are the benefits of our Better Sleep Tea:

> Organic Skullcap:
- Known for its potential to promote relaxation and calmness.
- Traditionally used to support a restful sleep and soothe anxious thoughts.

> Organic Lemon Balm:
- Promotes relaxation and a sense of calm.
- Known for its potential to support healthy sleep patterns and ease tension.

> Organic Kava-Kava:
- Used for centuries to promote relaxation and relieve stress.
- May help calm the mind and promote a sense of tranquility.

> Organic Passionflower:
- Known for its calming properties, it may help reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.
- Traditionally used to support relaxation and ease restlessness.

> Organic Vanilla Rooibos:
- Offers a delightful and comforting flavor profile.
- Contains antioxidants and may contribute to relaxation.

> Organic Ceylon Cinnamon:
- Adds a warm and soothing aroma to the blend.
- May help balance blood sugar levels and support overall well-being.

> Organic Orange Peel:
- Provides a bright and citrusy flavor.
- Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, contributing to overall health.

> Organic Lavender:
- Renowned for its calming and relaxing properties.
- Known to promote restful sleep and alleviate tension.

Indulge in the soothing flavors and potential sleep-enhancing benefits of our Better Sleep Tea. Let the organic herbs and comforting ingredients gently ease your mind and prepare your body for a rejuvenating night's rest. Savor each sip as you enjoy the calming effects of skullcap, lemon balm, kava-kava, and passionflower. Immerse yourself in the comforting aroma of vanilla rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel, and lavender. Embrace the tranquility and serenity that our Better Sleep Tea offers, helping you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Elevate your evening routine with the wholesome goodness of our tea and let it become a cherished part of your bedtime ritual, guiding you towards a better night's sleep.

Caffeine free

Brew Instructions: Fill 1 tsp of tea in a cloth tea bag or mesh basket or infuser | Place in a mug | Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over the tea & allow it to steep for 5-10 minutes or until desired strength is reached. It's best to experiment with steep time and tea quantity to get the right potency for you.

Makes approx. 20 cups

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